We are Kitlogg

a smart lost property recovery system

Our aim is to save you time, provide peace of mind and reunite you with your lost items.

A smart tagging system enables us to notify you when your lost item is placed into one of our smart lost property containers.


Kitlogg is a smart lost property recovery service that provides an efficient and easy solution to reuniting you with your lost items by way of our smart name tapes. When the lost item is placed into a kit recovery box, the smart name tape is scanned and an automated notification will be forwarded to the registered owner. The information sent will identify which of your items has been found and the location of the recovery box it can be retrieved from. You lose it, we find it!

It’s that easy!

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We have a number of price bundle options from a basic uniform bundle to sports kit and or Sports equipment. Our smart name tapes can be sewn in as name tapes, stuck in as labels or hidden in garments. Contact us to find out more.

Saves Time
Saves Time
Saves Manpower
Saves Manpower
Reduced Storage space
Reduced Storage space
Robust tagging system
Robust tagging system
£millions lost annually on misplaced items
Real-time notification
Peace of mind


Our smart tapes are an adaptation of the ‘old school’ name tapes just better! Modern day technology has enabled us to bring name tapes into the 21st century. Each tape can hold as much personal information as you are comfortable providing. Whether the lost item is a skirt, blazer, pair of trousers or a sock, you can personalise each smart tape with the name of your child and even the item it’s in. No more hunting for that lost uniform from blazers to sports socks!

As soon as your lost item is placed into one of Kitlogg’s recovery boxes, an automated notification (email or SMS) will be sent to your desk top or mobile device alerting you that an item has been found.

And one more thing…… by offering the service to multiple schools and sports centres we create a Kitlogg community, playing an away match? No problem. As long as your item is lost at one of our Kitlogg sites, you’ll know exactly where it has been found.

Yes, we take your personal information seriously and have safeguards in place to ensure it is not revealed. No manpower is required to scan the lost items as the notification is sent automatically.

There is no cost to your organisation, just the willingness to place lost items in the Kitlogg recovery box in the same way you already use the standard lost property bins.

There is a small annual membership per individual of £15 per year which covers administration, SMS messages and the maintenance of the system. You are able to edit any personal details at any time by logging into your account. Kitlogg smart tapes are sold in bundles, uniform bundles, sports kit bundles and packs of 10.

Absolutely! They are very robust and guaranteed to last three years including 200 wash cycles and can be tumbled dried. We’ve not yet had the opportunity to test them in a volcano of hot lava, so if you’re anywhere near one, let us know how it goes.

Each tape has multiple use, if your child has grown out of their uniform or you are handing it down to their sibling, you simply log into your account and edit the details on line.

Any further questions?

You can email Kitlogg anytime info@kitlogg.com or call us on 07951 893410.

Kitlogg on smartphone
Kitlogg school


We are a new company, established in 2015. We are also a small company, which enables us to listen to and learn from our Kitlogg community, (that’s you). We are keen to receive all your feedback, whether positive or negative, we promise to listen.

Kitlogg was set up because our eldest son loses EVERYTHING. Born out of frustration of searching for blazers, jumpers, ties, sports kit, hoping to retrieve it from one of the many smelly lost property bins, randomly placed on campus.

Who has time to do that? Kitlogg aims to reunite lost items with their rightful owner within hours of the item being placed in one of our smart kit recovery boxes.


Kitlogg, Upper Cromer Hyde Farm, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, AL8 7XE, Tel 07951 893410, Email info@kitlogg.com.

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